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Throwback Thursday. The well-known and -used hashtag seems to have taken over our digital lives. We ache for past memories and dream about long lost times. Has our day-to-day reality become so boring, that we all resort to a past beyond our reach wherein everything seemed so close to perfection? I too catch myself, happily engaged in typing hashtags into every social canal I own. It has become a habit, a force of nature. And it is exactly this force, this pining to share every little detail about our pretty little lives that makes me want to unwind. To just relax. No social engagements, no phones ringing or computers dinging reminding me to answer that last email or to text someone back to say, “Not now.”

The beginning of September was that time for me. Lisbon. Somehow I feel that #throwbackthursday brings me back to a better past. To one wherein I am not, now.



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