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Home Away From Home






As you are reading this, I’m on a two and a half hour train ride to Salzburg -and praise God and almighty heaven, they actually have Wi-Fi here in mountainhellhole- the land and home of my other Austrian half. Last night, I slept for three whole hours after weeks of deadlines and only sleeping 6 whole hours per night, so I cannot assure that my mumbling today is one of the intelligent and poetic kind. I’m just darn fucking tired. 

After the first plane ride at 9 this morning, we arrived at Frankfurt airport. And what better way to kill the time than awkwardly posing while granny gramps, mr Bussiness suit and 10 children are gawking at you like they are staring in fascination at a gorilla in a zoo. Truth be told, it did kill time. So yay me!

So this is my airport look. In 30 degrees celcius. While I decided it was a good idea to drink hot coco – why for fuck’s sake? And while dragging around three full suitcases that I -obviously- overpacked. Booh me! But hey, what else can a girl do when she’s away from home for five full weeks?! Luckily, I’m on my way to my home away from home where I’ll -hopefully not- annoy the Austrians too much. But hey, if a girl arrives with three full suitcases and 25 pairs of shoes -didn’t actually count them, too scared for the truth-, they will still like her, right? Right?!