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The Holiday Of My Dreams

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As the weather is starting to get better (starting off with a rhyme already, ha!), my mind wanders off to trips on white sand beaches and getting my hair sand-sun-seawater-dirty. When dreaming about the perfect holiday, I think of freedom. Pure freedom. Cruising down a beach road with my hair in the wind, sunglasses on and a loungy tune in the background, thinking about … absolutely nothing. Free your body & free your soul. We sometimes don’t stop to think that the plans we make and the goals we set for ourselves, are actually dragging us down. We plan for things to happen, we schedule our whole lives to fit the pattern we think is right for us. Exhausting, no? Believe me, when I say that my life is far from perfect and I don’t pretend it to be anything else either. I too sometimes catch myself, happily engaged with my laptop or phone at 12 in the night, working, planning and profiling myself on the web. When do we actually start living after all the planning? 

For a long time, I’ve dreamt of a road trip. Just packing the bags and driving into the sunset. Sounds too poetic and cheesy, doesn’t it? But I really think that letting go of all planning and just following where the road and our hearts take us, is really refreshing. I love adventure and this bitch is ready to take on this one! Croatian roads, take me far away from home!

Ps: do you have any tips on must-see-must-do places in Croatia?



Wearing: Zara dress, Zara vest, & Other Stories bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Tamaris sandals

Photography by Elise Bergsma