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Why I colored my hair dark for summerAs days get hotter, clothes get brighter and hair gets lighter. The white clothes usually get stained (or is that just me?) and hair usually gets f*cked up because of bleach (or is that just me?). 

For once, I thought, “I want my hair to be light for summer”. Not blonde. God no. Just a bit more ‘I spent a month at the French Riviera’ kinda thing. I had experimented with bleach before, back when ‘ombre’ confused my SO by thinking I meant the Spanish ‘hombre’ -why would I want to put a Spanish dude in my hair, he thought. The ombre did work out well back then and for the summer of 14 I rocked red hair with lighter blonde/orange ends. It was truly and utterly *magical*.

Fastforward to the summer of 15 -some hair cuts and red dye jobs later- when I tried to achieve the same kinda thing, because *magic*. I stood in my bathroom thinking, ‘I’ll be one hell of a sexy motherf*cker when I survive this’ -but I wasn’t. The result was, well, dissapointing. To say the least. It was more of a shine bright like a yellow/orange diamond than a solid sexy bitch-moment. Glad I already burried my hopes and dreams of becoming a hairdresser back when I happily messed up the hair of my barbie dolls. 

Instead of trying to fix it, I took it as a sign from God that there was a reason I don’t walk the earth with blonde hair, don’t care. Best to leave the hairgods alone. Before they bestow green or blue colorings on me for trying to mess with them. I truly apologize. 

Instead, I found some dark brown colors that I started obsessing over. Lucy Hale was my spirit animal in those moments. Her dark hair became my holy grail, my lord and savior. I took some winter into my summer and it has done me nothing but good. Going dark when everyone goes light is the same as going left when everyone goes right; you’re just one hell of motherf*cking rebel! My hair looks sophisticated, my strands shine, eyebrows match, eyes pop -and boobs pop, or is that just me?