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_DSC0175-1Can you see it? The new year?
It’s upon us, oh dear lord.

In the meantime, how you’ve been, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, How’s your sister’s cat, et cetera, et cetera. Excuse my absence these jolly holidaysI was too busy eating, squeezing myself into too-tight dresses and cursing over too-high heels over the course of 31 glorious days of December. ‘Tis the season to overeat and overwork, as one might dare to say. Hence my totall suprise to see that the year has come to a close once again; lights go out in the house to light up holiday parties at other people’s houses with your presence, lights go out in the old year to light up the new year with more bangs and drunk people than the Saturday nights out on the town when you realized you should’ve stayed home to chill & Netflix – take all of that very literally. 

In between my realization this morning that it’s quite actually almost New Year’s and me now almost leaving to spend the better part of the evening tipsy, waddling barefoot around in someone else’s house, I did not find time to make New Year’s resolutions. But then again, every year again I wake up one morning with my head full of sparkling resolutions and just like that it’s bloody September and I missed my chance to turn my life around. Because that’s what you’re supposed to do. But usually, by the time the last day of the year rolls around, I feel like a dehydrated sleepdeprived cactus, ready to call it a day and join my brother cactusses in cactusheaven and the only thing on my wishlist, resolution calendar and bucketlist is to just catch some sleep.

But still here I am. Puffy-eyed and tired face, trying to make it through the last day because boy, eating in December feels like the equivalent of running three marathons with Santa Claus on your back. It seems like everyone I talked to is in dire need of a holiday after the Holidays; it is expected to look already ripped in your tight dress on NYE even before you set foot in that gym you will sign up for tomorrow, it is expected to smile in every holiday picture -and to try to not look too drunk- after running around for exactly five days, eight hours and 23 minutes preparing the Christmas dinner. 

So there you have it. Aye, there’s the New Year’s resolution. Only one, I’ll figure out the rest tomorrow after the hungover. I do not feel guilty saying that starting tomorrow my only resolution for now is that I will sleep. And probably wake up in September, wondering what the hell happened to all my other New Year’s resolutions. 

PS: In the meantime, please enjoy these bloopers that I found digging deep into the C & The City archives. Sure, life is about the perfect moments, but even more so, about the silly moments that make life perfect.