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Generation Wh-Y (Not)

Generation Y - Christine Smeyers - C & The City
Generation Y - Christine Smeyers - C & The City


Millennial. It almost has a bad ring to it, doesn’t it. It doesn’t sound like something as positive as when they came up with the name when our generation came of age. When I speak of our Generation Y — another brilliant name they came up with — I speak of the 20-somethings trying to figure out life, step by step or step back by step back. Because honestly, we don’t know what the fuck we’re doing half the time, falling and stumbling and running hungover on the tracks of life, and the previous generations watch us closely from the sidelines. They ask us “why?”, referring to our not so stable jobs, unemployment, lavish lifestyle, bloody crazy boyfriend or childless lives. And honestly, we don’t know why. Because we’re lost. Honestly. And that is why the name millennial has become a connotation for a wild creature that doesn’t seem to understand the laws of nature and the ways of the world; there is already a way. Just one way to do things. Why create another? 

To all those who ask you, “why?”. To all those you say, “why not?”.

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So why not. Why not follow your dream. Why not go after the one thing that makes you as happy as your grandmother when she sees dessert coming her way? The world is your oyster, no?


To older generations the world simply shouldn’t be an oyster, let alone your oyster, and you should be doing what everyone else is doing. Some even deem us “the worst generation” (I’m looking at you, The New York Post) just because we want to shape our world into something that is worth living for; something that we have determined is worth living for.

And admittedly, this generation might be overly courageous in wanting to achieve impossible dreams because our mom and popsicle said we could do so when they so lovingly raised us in times of financial prosperity before they turned the whole economy to shit. We might consider ourselves overly special and overly ambitious. As beautifully said by Man Repeller “because we all secretly believe we’re Lena Dunham but only one of us actually is.”
And you know, as much as we want it, we really can’t all be the voice of our generation. Some might say this is

the biggest problem. The ego. The confidence. The audacity. And yet, if the world really was our oyster, why does this generation fail at creating the pearl?

I actually think there is something beautiful about the way society naturally shifted toward making conscious efforts to teach its youth to believe in themselves. There is beauty in confidence and there is beauty in believing that wanting something more out of life should be a necessity, not a hobby that comes after the five-o’clock after-(I hate my)-work drink.

Some of us (admittedly, most of us) don’t know what they’re doing. They only know they want to achieve their dreams. I want to achieve my dreams. Amidst of having an existential crisis weekly, heck, even daily. My life is as big of a mess as 2007 Britney. But hey, even Britney made a comeback, six pack and all. I don’t strive for the six pack though (I couldn’t even if I wanted to) but I don’t want to settle for anything less than feeling like I’ve made a difference, even if that means struggling to get there.

Life isn’t going to hand you opportunities — how I wish though — you have to go out into this

big bad oyster and create opportunities; make them your own.

And you know what, fail at it, while you’re at it!

This generation just came out of diapers and is already struggling to achieve their life’s work at 21. The rush to mature is greater than ever. Have we lost the opportunity to grow up? We look at social media and ‘monkey see, monkey like, share and comment’ and we’re unhappy.


Because it seems even your 12-y old niece has already graduated from Oxford and your former high school best friend just invented hot water. We are afraid of failure while watching others succeed. We are afraid of pressure yet we are pressure. It is okay to fail. Just like it is okay to follow your dreams. Why are we trying to achieve happiness instead of just being it?

So go on now.

Show them how you make pearls. Doesn’t matter how. Whether it’s going after your dream career, founding your own company, finding your dream husband on Tinder, starting a family, building your own house, or just, be happy with life. Find your pearl. Why not? The world is your oyster, no?