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Christine Smeyers

Hi there!

C  & The City is written by Christine Smeyers. Always wearing lipstick, never out the door without nailpolish.  I love creating new experiences with fashion, travel and all other things in life. I also love photography. Well, you’ll notice. I plan on capturing as many moments I believe are worthy of being good memories. I am a freelance writer & online warrior by day and since 2015, my own girl boss at my very own platform by night; journalism is involved in every aspect of my life. 

I created my own little place to share my experience of the world with you. C & The City was inspired by a need for honest storytelling and an impeccable sense of elegance and style. As well as a love for traveling, city hopping and the big city life. It is not just another blog. It’s my own fashion and travel magazine with real cutting-edge articles, life poetry and literary scribbles of the mind. 

No bull-shit. No sugarcoating. No Photoshop. Fuck fake. Just a sarcastic princess with a sharp pen.

“I am such a Carrie Bradshaw” ™

Nominated for the Knack Weekend Blog & Digital Awards 2015
Nominated for the Zalando Influencer Awards 2016

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