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Birthdays & other life necessities

It's kind of a funny story, this one.November has always been somewhat of a waiting game for me; like the night before Christmas when you can't sleep because you know you'll be getting fab prezzies in the morning and chocolate and basically the whole *magical* process of eating whatever you want without giving a fuck about whether or not you'll still fit into your carefully chosen NYE dress because Christmas only rolls around once every year and your mindset is all like "#yolo, if I die tomorrow at least I will have had the immense orgasmic pleasure of eating the...

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A Beautiful Fucking Rainbow

The city is London. The place is a dark bar; jazz and loud whispers fill the room. The time is an ungodly hour in the middle of the night. The drink is a margarita. The man is tall, dark & handsome and the artist in him is intriguing. The ungodly hour turns into an even more ungodly morning, walking along the Thames with the sun rising above the sparkling water. The jazz music still buzzes through my head. I'm seeing beautifully colored rainbows scattered across the water. The city is London. And the man is mine.Reality turns into confusion and confusion becomes...

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 [ts_row] [ts_one_third] As I went on holiday in Marrakech, I could've never imagined how different it is to eat in another climate, let alone pick a restaurant. The temperatures were so blazing hot that we couldn't bring ourselves to eat before nine o'clock. Well, we did the first night: rookie mistake. We sat around the table while sweat was dripping in our steamy tagines. I really can't find a nicer experience than to feel the whole sofa being stuck to your ass when you finally decide you bore the heat long enough and stand up to leave a trail of...

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As days get hotter, clothes get brighter and hair gets lighter. The white clothes usually get stained (or is that just me?) and hair usually gets f*cked up because of bleach (or is that just me?).  For once, I thought, "I want my hair to be light for summer''. Not blonde. God no. Just a bit more 'I spent a month at the French Riviera' kinda thing. I had experimented with bleach before, back when 'ombre' confused my SO by thinking I meant the Spanish 'hombre' -why would I want to put a Spanish dude in my hair, he thought. The ombre did...

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