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How To Get The Ultimate Beach Body In Three Steps

So you have a body. And you want to be on the beach with it? It has never been easier with my 3-step plan!Step 1. The first, and probably most important part is food. Eating healthy -and def not too much- is a must if you want to see those lovehandles melt away. Nobody wants their lovehandles to be mistaken for a rescue ring when strolling along the sea side wearing nothing more than a 2-piece. It is also best to spread your meals throughout the day and make minimal portions; you're going to be hungry anyway ...

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When I told you in the beginning there was going to be no bull shit, I meant it. If you want things sugar coated, you should probably get yourself a cupcake, cupcake. My images look good (thanks to my overly talented photographer *high five*), I look good (or I wish to believe so) and I don't need photoshop to prove that. See that preggo belly over there? Nope, this one isn't preggers with a little annoying baby yet. It's just a mild case of wrong-angle-weird-position and the fact I wasn't born to be a model (God has already proven that...

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To Put The Elegance Back Into Normcore

The most woman-unfriendly form of fashion ever known to this planet, goes by the name of Normcore. It's the kind of clothes your dearly beloved dad has been sporting proudly for the past few decades. Fleeces, khaki formless pants, blank brandless t-shirts; I can keep going. It is the kind of anti-cool that makes me want to vomit all over my Prada shoes (*if I had Prada shoes, that is). I don't want to see it anywhere ever again. I've had enough. Honestly. Norm Core has conquered the world and I don't know how that is supposed to make me feel....

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Why Everyone Should Start A Fashion Blog

When I step out to make a trip up north into my beloved city, I can't help but wonder where the fashion sense of the masses has gone. Apparently it's okay to show up on the street, wearing nothing more than tight colored leggings and some ugly shirt you found buried in the deep ends of your closet. Because it's a Tuesday. And you felt sassy. I wonder, why is it okay to leave the house without looking into a mirror, knowing you'll meet hundreds of people on the street, but you do style and photoshop your pictures immensely for...

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