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Birthdays & other life necessities

It's kind of a funny story, this one.November has always been somewhat of a waiting game for me; like the night before Christmas when you can't sleep because you know you'll be getting fab prezzies in the morning and chocolate and basically the whole *magical* process of eating whatever you want without giving a fuck about whether or not you'll still fit into your carefully chosen NYE dress because Christmas only rolls around once every year and your mindset is all like "#yolo, if I die tomorrow at least I will have had the immense orgasmic pleasure of eating the...

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Sparkle a little brighter

Sometimes silence feels safe. Like a warm blanket and hot tea on a night where you ditched your friends for a lonely house and an even lonelier bed, with a novel wherein the words dance like music and you forget life for a moment as if it were a mere accessory to your brief bliss. Like hiding under the covers from a world that doesn't make sense. Writing this on a night where I ditched my friends for a lonely house and an even lonelier bed doesn't deliver the same feeling though — to me, silence equals nor safety nor happiness....

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North Sea Odyssey

From the latest in sad drama stories where the main character gets pushed to the edge, driven to insanity and shoved under the very figuratively spoken bus, I bring you now the story of the time a mother and a daughter decided to go on a weekend-long journey. Luckily not with the very figuratively spoken bus and luckily not that dramatic, but well you know me. Always bringing the sass, this time all the way to Rotterdam....

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Can you see it? The new year? It's upon us, oh dear lord. In the meantime, how you've been, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, How's your sister's cat, et cetera, et cetera. Excuse my absence these jolly holidays, I was too busy eating, squeezing myself into too-tight dresses and cursing over too-high heels over the course of 31 glorious days of December. 'Tis the season to overeat and overwork, as one might dare to say. Hence my totall suprise to see that the year has come to a close once again; lights go out in the house to light up holiday parties at other people's...

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