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 What I did in Rotterdam you ask? Staring out of a window like it's nobody's business. Just kidding. Although I did spend the better half of my short city trip admiring the mighty view from my hotel window, and hanging around in the tub admiring the mighty view from my hotel window, and hanging around in bed admiring the mig- ...

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 [ts_row] [ts_one_third] As I went on holiday in Marrakech, I could've never imagined how different it is to eat in another climate, let alone pick a restaurant. The temperatures were so blazing hot that we couldn't bring ourselves to eat before nine o'clock. Well, we did the first night: rookie mistake. We sat around the table while sweat was dripping in our steamy tagines. I really can't find a nicer experience than to feel the whole sofa being stuck to your ass when you finally decide you bore the heat long enough and stand up to leave a trail of...

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 So. I couldn't chose. Sorry. I apologize for letting you sit through 13 of almost the same pictures. Though, almost the same. Though I have to admit, seeing my face flash by 13 times in a row must be something of an alienating experience. The kind that makes you want to run to your therapist and take up two hours of the poor woman's time. All because the alienating face that you still dream about every night couldn't chose between a couple of pictures. And to be honest, you should be glad you're not me. Or my boyfriend. Or my...

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