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 So. I couldn't chose. Sorry. I apologize for letting you sit through 13 of almost the same pictures. Though, almost the same. Though I have to admit, seeing my face flash by 13 times in a row must be something of an alienating experience. The kind that makes you want to run to your therapist and take up two hours of the poor woman's time. All because the alienating face that you still dream about every night couldn't chose between a couple of pictures. And to be honest, you should be glad you're not me. Or my boyfriend. Or my...

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I don't like Marrakech. I bloody hate it. Driving through the city on our way from the airport to our hotel, I caught myself in some thoughts that drove a sadness through my body. I wanted to have a nice, relaxing holiday (I did spend a few weeks intensively researching the likes of Tripadvisor and consorts to find the absolute *perfect* getaway), plus I wanted to be amazed by a country, even a continent, I had yet to explore every inch of. But it seemed to me I made the wrong choice. The first few days these thoughts kept on floating...

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Home Away From Home

As you are reading this, I'm on a two and a half hour train ride to Salzburg -and praise God and almighty heaven, they actually have Wi-Fi here in mountainhellhole- the land and home of my other Austrian half. Last night, I slept for three whole hours after weeks of deadlines and only sleeping 6 whole hours per night, so I cannot assure that my mumbling today is one of the intelligent and poetic kind. I'm just darn fucking tired. After the first plane ride at 9 this morning, we arrived at Frankfurt airport. And what better way to kill the...

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