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I’m a lipstick addict & I ain’t even ashamed: a short story

I can’t deny it any longer.Hello. I’m Christine, and I’m a lipstick addict.You see, lipstick doesn’t ask questions. Lipstick understands. I kid of course, it’s not that serious … Yet. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a profound love affair with lipstick. Dating back to my Barbie doll-days, when 8y old me would wear the brightest pink children’s lipstick, to my teenage years when stealing my mother’s lipstick (I confess, I do know where all your lipsticks went mom, and no you didn’t lose them), all the way to my adult life owning about a full MAC...

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Beauty stash favorites

  Just like every other girl on this beautiful planet, I like pretty stuff. I like pretty stuff to make myself prettier. And I spend hours doing that, up to the point where I ask myself what day it is again and the week seems to already have progressed from a Monday to a Wednesday, because oops. Now, it isn't that bad but I do spend a lot of time in our enchanting bathroom. Especially because I have hair like Aerosmith's Steven Tyler after he also asks himself what day it is and the week seems to already have passed twice now. My...

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