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Sparkle a little brighter

Sometimes silence feels safe. Like a warm blanket and hot tea on a night where you ditched your friends for a lonely house and an even lonelier bed, with a novel wherein the words dance like music and you forget life for a moment as if it were a mere accessory to your brief bliss. Like hiding under the covers from a world that doesn't make sense. Writing this on a night where I ditched my friends for a lonely house and an even lonelier bed doesn't deliver the same feeling though — to me, silence equals nor safety nor happiness....

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  [ts_row] [ts_one_half] When I woke up this morning and opened my mouth to express the wish of fresh air flowing through the room -you must know, I am held hostage by an army of bacteria and a slight fever- a sound sprung from my chest that this universe had never before heard. ''You sound like a 60-year old smoker who hasn't seen the bright light of day in over a decade'',the universe replied in form of my boyfriend standing at the other end of the stairs in underpants. Clearly he wasn't too amused that my voice sounded more like I became the...

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Looks I Love: Easter Edition

 When I think about easter, the first thing that pops into my mind is chocolate (oops, you expected cute pink outfits, didn't ya). Yes, I must say easter is one of my fave holidays, not because of dear ol' Jezus but because of the sweet taste of everything chocolate-y. Even though I consider myself to be a reasonably grown woman, I still crave to run around the garden excited about finding and picking up all the eggs. Sadly, this doesn't happen anymore. Even my boyfriend considered me to have lost a few marbles, when I said my inner child would...

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The Sound of Salzburg

  I visited Austria again, after a gap of about 6 years. Last time, I enjoyed the beautiful city of Vienna. This time however, Salzburg was on my list. The cold really got to me when I walked around. Clearly I wasn't prepared for snow the day after I arrived and obviously, the shoes didn't fit the wet and sticky crime. As I know myself, I always pack too much stuff (who doesn't when they make a trip further than 5 blocks away) but I always seem to fail to pack the RIGHT stuff. Don't worry, I...

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