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Snow-White & A Hint Of Glitter

Brace yourselves, summer is coming! As you can read, I'm quite the obsessed maniac that has been dying to watch Game of Thrones ever since the last season ended. But of course, as fate (fuck fate) would have it, I am lacking in time to keep up and watch every week. Thus I am a couple of episodes behind and Jon Snow is already desperate for spending some time with me. I saw him -with puppy dog eyes- staring at me through my screen a couple of days ago, because I only had the time so far to give him two episodes...

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 It's Friday! Finally. After a stressy time at the office - you know, deadlines and all that craziness -, I get to slow down for a bit. I stepped out of the office and yep, you bet your ass it was raining. I think I need to provide the rain gods with an (anti-) rain dance and preferably some pink cupcakes (because the rain gods like pink FYI). All hail the rain gods. It's basically a miracle my hair didn't explode into a bad Tina Turner of the eighties version, singing songs...

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