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North Sea Odyssey

From the latest in sad drama stories where the main character gets pushed to the edge, driven to insanity and shoved under the very figuratively spoken bus, I bring you now the story of the time a mother and a daughter decided to go on a weekend-long journey. Luckily not with the very figuratively spoken bus and luckily not that dramatic, but well you know me. Always bringing the sass, this time all the way to Rotterdam....

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 Boys and girls, I did it! I made it to the end of the ride and now it's time for me to get onto another train. The train to real-life-hard-shit adulthood. My student days are over, no more napping while I'm supposed to be in class, no more going out to drink while I'm supposed to be studying and no more giggling with my #girlsquad during lectures. To be honest, I wasn't the most concentrated student of the bunch, I hated going to class and having to sit still -sitting still + me ...

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Moving On

[caption id="attachment_1648" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] On the road last year, filming for college[/caption]It was summer. It was a hot day. Not one of those cloudy monsters that disguise themselves as summer days, but a beautiful, warm, sunny day. Kids were playing in the sand, building their dream castle and pretending to be real royalty, because their mom and dad told them they were their little princes and princesses, others were swinging on the little swings like their life depended on it and some were climbing like they would reach the mount Everest. Amidst all giggles of kids over their fun little games and laughter...

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