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Beauty stash favorites

  Just like every other girl on this beautiful planet, I like pretty stuff. I like pretty stuff to make myself prettier. And I spend hours doing that, up to the point where I ask myself what day it is again and the week seems to already have progressed from a Monday to a Wednesday, because oops. Now, it isn't that bad but I do spend a lot of time in our enchanting bathroom. Especially because I have hair like Aerosmith's Steven Tyler after he also asks himself what day it is and the week seems to already have passed twice now. My...

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Spring Favorites: Nail Polish

  There are two things you never see me without - except maybe a big glass of wine, but hey I'm not trying to profile myself as an alcoholic here - and those things are lipstick and nail polish. I think soon I'll have to start building a separate closet for my entire collection. I admit, they are my weak point, they get me on my knees, begging for some more color. So it was obvs hard for me then to choose between my babies and pick this season's favorites, but I did it. Fieuuw, what a big assignment!1. A pretty baby...

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Why I Chopped Off My Hair

Since I chopped off half of my hair about half a year ago, I often get the question 'why in heaven's name I would do something like that'. Is it my inner Beyoncé coming out to play after I saw the videoclip that inspired so many women to post selfies after waking up flawless (with the hashtag #isurelydidntwokeuplikethis, because let's face it). Nope, how much I would like to channel my inner diva and be Yoncé, I don't think any of us would have the power to handle so much ass shaking. I did it purely ...

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The Truth About Daisy

Okay, let's cut the bull shit and get right into it. If you came here to see pretty pictures and perfect bodies, I'll have to kick your ass out of the door again because that is not how this is going to go down. Sugarcoating was never a word in my dictionary, nor will it ever be. I do not plan on drizzling sweet honey over my posts. The truth and nothing but. If that was already too forthcoming for your distinguished taste, then clearly, you have come to the wrong neighborhood. I have a voice and I am not afraid...

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