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in bloom.

All I want from this summer is to feel everything I missed last year; every adventure, every second of serenity, bliss born out of a newfound spontaneity. For all the mess I was last year —you must still remember the joyful cloud I was last summer, drifting somewhere between anxiety, depression and myself— I am more than ever myself this year. I didn’t know what I needed back then, staring at walls and trying to figure out the mazes my mind had drawn upon them; getting lost in thoughts —and meds— so badly, I imagined myself being in foreign places...

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Home Away From Home

As you are reading this, I'm on a two and a half hour train ride to Salzburg -and praise God and almighty heaven, they actually have Wi-Fi here in mountainhellhole- the land and home of my other Austrian half. Last night, I slept for three whole hours after weeks of deadlines and only sleeping 6 whole hours per night, so I cannot assure that my mumbling today is one of the intelligent and poetic kind. I'm just darn fucking tired. After the first plane ride at 9 this morning, we arrived at Frankfurt airport. And what better way to kill the...

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